Where pets are a priority!

275 Route 25A Suite 6 Miller Place NY 11764

(631) 509-1983


David A. Sound Beach, NY

5.0 star rating  4/18/2016

This place is great. Everyone is super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

They have a huge selection of dog (& cat) food, treats, and toys. The treat choices for dogs really is kind of amazing. They have all the prepackaged stuff plus a bunch of loose items you can pick and choose from. At the counter they also have homemade, baked biscuit type treats...which my dog loves. They have a huge rack with all the...animal products? too. -Things like hooves, ears, bully sticks, bones, etc;.

They really are very helpful too. Always recommending new stuff to try and answering whatever questions I can come up with. I also love that they don't mind ordering anything they might not have on hand at the time. -It seems odd...like that's a no-brainer, but it's Super helpful.

They do different kinds of training too, but that's really all I know.

I know it's a different business altogether, but there is also a groomer in the back. They do a great job and its really convenient to have them in the same building.

Now that I'm rereading this... They Really are my 1-stop pet store.

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275 Route 25A Suite 6Miller Place NY 11764 (631) 509-1983